Reptiles are secretive animals by nature. In fact, their coloration and markings evolved in fantastic ways to keep them hidden in plain site! 

When its time to rest or after a big meal, they are vulnerable and REALLY want to hide. Giving them a place in your terrarium to do so is as essential to their health as food, water, humidity and temperature. We offer many species the best of both worlds with a warm hide on one side of the terrarium and cooler/higher humidity hide on the other. 

The Jungle Bob line up of hides offers keepers all sorts of options that let animals small and large, terrestrial and arboreal,  to properly hide.  They are also pleasing to the eye of the keeper!  making them decorative as well as functional for your reptile. 

Have fun exploring our hide section. Its time to pick out a new piece of furniture for your favorite herp!