Jungle Bob 3D Aquarium Backgrounds 10 Gallon

Jungle Bob 3D aquarium backgrounds sink in water and are harmless to all animals and fish. They can be installed quickly and easily by a novice keeper.  

Jungle Bob 3-D Aquarium 10 gallon backgrounds are shipped complete in one section (no assembly required) and are designed to fit in tanks with back wall dimensions of 20" length and 12" height. The exact dimensions of the background itself are 18 3/4" length x 10 3/4" height which allows it to fit into the tank. 

Note: There are many glass tank manufacturers and the inside dimensions may slightly vary from one to another. We encourage you to measure the INSIDE DIMENSIONS of your tank to be 100% sure before ordering.

We attach foam to the left and right edges of the background which allows an adjustment to the slight tolerances in widths and will keep secure it from moving side to side once installed. Using gravel at the bottom of your tank will allow you to slightly adjust the height if necessary. The background can also be altered if necessary with a fine diamond saw or dremel but it should fit most manufacturers 10 gallon tanks right out of the box!! 

Enjoy this hand crafted, one of a kind 3D aquarium background...Only From JUNGLE BOB!

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