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We have Dubia Roaches!


Live Feeder Insects

Orders shipping pending stock availability.
Please read shipping terms & conditions for full details

In-Store or Curbside Pickup at our Selden Super Store: 11am-6pm - 7 days/week
**Give us a call when you arrive 631-737-6474**


-We strongly recommend requesting your package be held at the post office for pickup. Especially in hotter summer months and colder winter months.

-Live and visibly healthy arrival is only guaranteed when shipping temperatures at both ends are between 40° – 89°F for home delivery and 26F° – 99F° for having the order held at the facility for pick up.

-If feeders arrive dead please take a photo or 2 and/or short video as soon as you receive it (we will see when package is delivered via tracking info)

-If your package is delayed or mishandled by the carrier, all guarantees are void. We will open a case with the carrier and if we are reimbursed, we will refund your order.

-Live feeders are only shipped Monday through Thursday to avoid any delays over the weekend.

-Someone must be home to receive the order, or guarantees are void

Shipping Deadlines:
Monday Shipment- MUST ORDER BY SUNDAY by 2 pm est.
Thursday Shipment- MUST ORDER WEDNESDAY by 8 pm est.

  Contact us with any shipping questions or concerns BEFORE ordering!

All of our feeders are gut-loaded and full of excellent nutrition for all of your reptiles, amphibians or invertebrates!

Try our new and convenient subscription, available for all feeders!
Your choice...will be ready for store pick up or shipped directly to your home.
Check out our large variety of feeders:

  • Fruit Fly Cultures
  • Goliath Horned Worm Cultures
  • Mealworms
  • Red Wigglers/Trout Worms
  • Superworms
  • Wax Worms

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      Dwarf White Tropical Isopods

      The perfect vivarium clean up crew for any bioactive enclosure! These tiny bugs will live in the warm damp substrate of any tropical enclosure and ...

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