Goliath Horned Worm Culture

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Great for sub-adult and adult bearded dragons, large chameleons, and like sized or larger animals.


12 Count: Contains at least 12 worms, but is usually packed with 14-15 worms and enough food to grow 12 worms to their full growth potential of 4" and 10g. Worms DO NOT start off large! They will be smaller in size- making them suitable for various size reptiles and amphibians. They grow quickly!!

The container is a fully functioning enclosure for hornworms. All cups are guaranteed to have at lease the quantity listed in the description. Make sure to keep the habitat propped up or on top of a screen to ensure plenty of ventilation. Hornworm habitats are packed with worms when you order it to ensure the freshest product possible.

Are these the things I see on my tomato plant?

Yes, but you can not feed the ones that were on your tomato plants to your animals, worms that eat the tomato plant have toxins in their body that will kill your animals.

Are they healthy for my animal?

They are extremely healthy. They are high in calcium, low in fat, low in chitin and have an extremely soft exoskeleton so your animal will not have trouble digesting them. All this provides more usable nutrition for your animals. Calcium - 46.4mg/100g. Fat - 3.07%.

Can the horn on the end of them hurt them?

No, it is just a piece of skin and nothing more, completely harmless.