3D Aquarium Backgrounds Test

Jungle Bob here to show you our unique 3D Aquarium Backgrounds. Made from poly-resin, reinforced with fiberglass and hand painted in certain collections with ultraviolet resistant paint. All materials are completely safe for fish and neutral to any habitat. 



Our backgrounds are hand crafted to resemble natures beauty. They are easy to install and they sink!
Each background truly is a work of art and no two are identical. The pictures are representative of color and design. If you do not see the size you are looking for email us for a custom quote.

Backgrounds are completely submersible, and do not require attaching to the glass with silicone. Simply slide the background inside your tank and it will stay in place using the gravel as a base. 

Before ordering, it is essential that you measure the INSIDE of your aquarium tank. Measure your tanks, length (from corner to corner) and height from bottom to upper edge of your tank or support bar. 
The background you receive will be cut slightly smaller than the measurement you provide to allow it to fit inside the rim of the tank.
A small piece of foam/mesh will cover the top to the bottom of each edge, allowing for a snug fit. This will stop fish from swimming behind the background and also improve water circulation around the background.
In case you have a large tank, you may add additional power jet pump behind the background to push out water and increase circulation in your tank. 

You may install a heater behind the background close to the power jet pump so warm water will be pushed out from behind and the temperature will be the same in every corner of your fish tank. 
Be sure to check out our heater covers to maximize a natural look.
The filter pipes can be also run behind the background, so only the inlet and outlet is located in the front of the background.  Our filter covers keep unsightly wires hidden providing a natural look throughout your tank.
Larger backgrounds are manufactured in pieces to allow for by passing the center bar of large tanks.
We provide a simple tab system behind the background to hold the pieces together (125 gallon and up come in three pieces)
The backgrounds wedge into the tank using the side foam/mesh to form a tight fit. It is common to have a small gap down the middle of the multi piece background! THIS IS NOT A DEFECT and can be kept to a minimum by adjusting the background into the substrate by slightly bending in the corners to  squeeze it tight in the middle. Plants or other decorations in front of the seam can be placed there as well.


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