11960 Jungle Bob 10 Gallon Ball Python Starter Kit (TANK NOT INCLUDED)

Jungle Bob Enterprises Inc.

$ 124.99 
SKU: 11960

Providing the right environment for your Baby Ball Python is essential to ensure a healthy happy pet. After decades trying everything on the market, we made this kit with everything you need to properly raise your new baby Baby Ball Python! Perfect for those who already have a tank on hand, plan to build your own or need to purchase one locally (unfortunately we can't ship glass tanks due to weight and breakage, though they are always available for pickup at our Selden and Oakdale locations here in NY!). Designed for a standard 10 gallon tank with metal screen top. Will also work with similar sized terrariums of close to the same height/length. 


- PQL 5.5" Black Dome Light to house your light bulb

- Zoo Med Red Nitelite Incandescent Bulb 40W for heating

- Zoo Med Undertank heater mini which aids in digestion and warmth!

- Jungle Bob Round Plastic Hide Box Small.  It's the perfect size for a baby ball python.  This hideout should be placed on the same side as your heating elements.

- Jungle Bob Plastic Water Bowl/Hide Combo Medium.  This item is a water bowl and hideout all in one!! This should be placed on the cooler end of the tank.

- Exo Terra Screen Cover Clip Set Small(for 29g and smaller) so your snake doesn't escape!

- Zoo Med 10" Feeding Tongs for safe snake feeding

-Keepers Choice Red Cypress Mulch Bedding 4 qt... This is a great bedding for snakes that require humidity in their enclosure.