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We have Dubia Roaches!


EBAY 25 Large Dubia and 12 count Goliath Culture Combo

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$ 43.00
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  • Perfect for adult or non-adult bearded dragons, chameleons, and similar sized reptiles, amphibians, tarantulas, and scorpions
  • This container is a fully functioning Hornworm enclosure (also known as tomato worms and goliath horned worms)
  • No chitin (exo-skeleton) - makes them easy for your pets to digest
  • Contains at least 12 worms, but is usually packed with 14-15 worms
  • Enough food is included to grow all these worms to their full growth potential
  • Can grow up to approimately 4 in. and 10 grams - but they start off smaller
  • These DO NOT start off large, these will be smaller in size once arrive
  • They grow very quickly with the food already in the container
  • Keep the habitat propped up or on top of a screen to ensure plenty of ventilation
  • Freshest cultures available delivered daily
  • Calcium - 46.4mg/100g. Fat - 3.07%.


  • Very high in protein
  • "Gut loaded" with the best insect food
  • Don't chirp or jump
  • Won't bite or stress out your pet
  • Won't escape as easily
  • Hardy feeder with a long life span
  • Feeds on Fluker's orange cubes or an assortment of greens/vegetables
  • Now available in a can! (Not alive)