3D Aquarium Background Amazon 30 Gallon High

Jungle Bob Enterprises Inc.

$ 126.99 
SKU: 7856

     Pet Product News Editors Choice Award 2016
Our 3D aquarium backgrounds are available
in a variety of sizes from 2.5 Gallon - 210 Gallon
The thickness of this background is between 3-6 inches. Pair with our Aquarium Tree Root or Tree Stump decorations for an authentic and 3-D look!


***Note- Measurements represent the back of the specified tank size(s). The background will be slightly shorter than theåÊtank to allow it to fit within the support braces and plastic/glass trim around the tank edges, and allow it to stand up against the back. The difference in width is occupied by mesh to prevent fish from getting behind, and the height can be adjusted by leveling with gravel or small slate pieces. It can also be modified or trimmed using a dremmel or sander tool if needed.***

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