Jungle Bob 3D Aquarium Background 36x25 Inch For 65 Gallon Thin Grey8245

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Our 3D aquarium backgrounds are available
in a variety of sizes from 2.5 Gallon - 210 Gallon
This 3D background isåÊstructured and perfect for narrow tanks where space is limited.

The thickness of background is only half of inch.  

The exact background size is 34,4 x 21,4" in 2 sections - please compare it with your aquarium internal size. 


1. Insert both sections of background inside your aquarium

2. Connect both sections with black tabs provided, squeeze both sections together (gently)

Optionally: If you want to make the seam less visible you can use a clear silicone (safe for fish) to fill the seam and squeeze well. If wish to use silicone, you have to drain your tank and wait 48 hours to cure the silicone. 

 *PLEASE NOTE: Item which you will receive may not be identical to the main picture. Our backgrounds are hand made so each is unique! Slight variations in color , with some lighter/ darker may occur. 


***Note- Measurements represent the back of the specified tank size(s). The background will be slightly shorter than the tank to allow it to fit within the support braces and plastic/glass trim around the tank edges, and allow it to stand up against the back. The difference in width is occupied by mesh to prevent fish from getting behind, and the height can be adjusted by leveling with gravel or small slate pieces. It can also be modified or trimmed using a dremmel or sander tool if needed.***





perfect for narrow fish tanks, half inch thick
Exact Size of background is: 34.4 x 23.4 inches - 2 sections
(plus foam on the side edges to fill the gap between background and glass)
WILL FIT TANK SIZE:  Width: 36"   Height: 25"   
 for 65 gallon aquariums
Easy to install, just slide the background inside your tank. 
No silicone required. You can have fish and other decorations during installation.
Please note: the video below shows the beige backgrounds, but this listing is for the grey flat rock background


Picture is only a sample image of this product. The item which You will receive may not be identical to the picture as : 

  • It's hand painted background which makes every item unique.
  • There is a fluctuation in the shade of color on all the products.
  • Even slight differences in the mild will make an item UNLIKE THE ONE IN THE PICTURE, but it is always the same design.
  • Color may vary, can be slightly lighter or darker.
  • Main features of our 3d backgrounds:
  • Our backgrounds sink
  • Are not flexible, you can't bend them.
  • You can cut it / trim the background using a jigsaw, angled grinder, hacksaw.
  • EASY to install - just slide inside your aquarium, no silicon required.
  • Our backgrounds do not float.

Background thickness:
In most points, the background thickness is approximately half inch

Delivery within: 3-5 working days via UPS Ground Service



  • The aquarium background is made of highest-quality materials, high-quality mineral and resin conglomerate.
  • Fiberglass uséd as a strengthening material.
  • Dyes resistant to ultraviolet radiation on the colored surface of the background.
  • The background is completely submersible, it doesn't require to be attached to the glass (for example to be stuck with silicone).
  • The background size, which is smaller than the internal size of the aquarium, provides easy water circulation in the whole container.
  • The walls secured with mesh prevent the fish from swimming behind the background.
  • An additional function of the background is to separate the aquarium's environment from its technical equipment (heaters, sensors or internal filters).
  • It is possible to cut the background and drill it, with the use of tools for stone machining.
  • Or glue it to the glass with silicone.

Photos from our happy customers
(Only the background is a product)