Freshwater Aquarium Water Ammonia Remover Ammo Chips - Fully Rechargeable 48 OZ


$ 16.99 
SKU: 79C

API® AMMO-CHIPS filtration media work continuously as an economical and rechargeable ammonia remover for use in freshwater aquariums. This product promotes a healthy underwater environment for your fish, and may be used when setting up a new aquarium or in established aquariums when ammonia is detected.

  • Designed for Freshwater Aquariums
  • Ammo Chips work continuously to remove ammonia 
  • Fully Rechargeable
  • Enhances water filtration system
  • Use 1/4 cup of Ammo-Chips for each 10 US Gallons (40L) of aquarium or pond water
  • 48 oz box