Jungle Bob 3D Aquarium Background Rock Beige Sample 10173

Jungle Bob Enterprises Inc.

$ 5.00 
SKU: 10173


Award winning Jungle Bob 3D Aquarium Backgrounds are available in many sizes. If you want to see the incredible texture and design before ordering this sample is perfect for you as it represents the basic design and material of our natural looking aquarium backgrounds.. The sample size is approximately 4"x4".

Each background is hand painted and therefore unique. There are slight variations in color and shading in the sample as well as the backgrounds. Even slight differences will make each item UNLIKE THE ONE IN THE PICTURE, but it is always the same design

Jungle Bob 3D Aquarium Thin Backgrounds are available in a variety of sizes from 2.5 Gallon - 210 Gallon

The thickness of this background is between 1-2 cm.
It is still a structured background perfect for narrow tanks where space is limited.

Decorating your aquarium background with a theme is a fun way of exercising your creativity and making your aquarium an attractive piece of artwork. Not just will it make a suitable and solid environment for your fish to live in, it will additionally make a wonderful contribution to the design of your living space.

Features of our 3D Aquarium Backgrounds: 

  • Our backgrounds sink.
  • Our backgrounds Are not flexible, you can't bend them.
  • You can cut it / trim the background using a jigsaw, angled grinder, hacksaw.
  • EASY to install - just slide inside your aquarium, no silicon required.



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