Jungle Bob Sumatran Beach Wood Medium

Jungle Bob Enterprises Inc.

$ 15.99 
SKU: 1352

You think DRIFTWOOD should be free? I mean it's just laying on the beach right? But there is more to it than just picking it up. First you have to fly to the South Pacific, then it needs to be hauled to a place to clean out all the little sea critters that might be living in there. After that, you have to put it on a slow boat to Los Angeles and clean it AGAIN in front of a customs agent (who are rarely in a good mood) and then ship it one more time to this store you are in now. So although it is laying all over the place, it ain't exactly free...but it is a beautiful heavy wood and now that you know all the work that went into it, you can buy it, and add it to your aquarium, terrarium or vivarium.

Available in 4 Sizes: Small, Medium, Large and X-Large!

Perfect for ANY size terrarium!