Worm & Dubia Dish by Jungle Bob

Jungle Bob Enterprises Inc.

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The Worm & Dubia Dish by Jungle Bob is the perfect way to feed dubias, soldier fly larvae, and other insects to your pets without having them get out in their enclosure!

Dubias have become the most popular feeder for bearded dragons and many other lizards! Plump and juicy, insectivores just love 'em!

Our dishes are ideal to feed dubias and other insects to your herps without the worry of them escaping into their enclosure. The smooth inside prevents dubias from climbing and the lipped top makes getting out of the top the dish IMPOSSIBLE!

Your pets will start to understand where the food is and there will be no dubias roaming in the tank!

Available in 4 different sizes!

Small: 2.76 in. diameter

Medium: 3.82 in. diameter

Large: 5.12 in. diameter