Tropimix Enrichment Food for Large Parrots 4 lb.


$ 21.99 
SKU: 80661

Tropimix enrichment formula for Large Parrots is an appetizing food mix of grains, fruits, legumes, nuts and extruded Tropican sticks.
Tropican sticks are not only filled with peanut flavor, but are formulated with plenty of essential nutrients to ensure optimal health, bright feathers and strong bones for your pet.
Free of all husks and shells, this blend is 100% edible. Each bag contains the highest quality human grade ingredients which have undergone elaborate quality control. This formula is free of artificial colorings, flavors and preservatives, and is fortified with essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids.
Recommended for Macaws, Amazons, Cockatoos, Greys and Eclectus and other large sized Parrots.