Zilla Basking Stump


$ 16.99 
SKU: 11449

An accessory that promotes basking, climbing, and burrowing. Realistic, rustic design beautifies terrariums. Surface cleans easily, limits bacterial growth. Natural, hand-crafted center for reptile activity. The three activities reptiles enjoy most, which are basking in the warmth, climbing, and relaxing in a cool burrow, can all be accomplished in the comfort of a Zilla Stump Den. Reptile owners like it too thanks to the realistic faux bark finish that cleans easily with soapy water. Since the stump's non-porous exterior surfaces won't retain water or promote bacteria, terrariums stay healthier and smell fresher longer. Safe for both aquatic and terrestrial environments. Available in two sizes which allows them to be suitable for small to medium sized reptiles. 

Available in both Small and Medium sizes!