Zilla Critter Cage with Sliding Screen Top 20G High


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Zilla Critter Cage with Sliding Screen Top 

Create a tropical paradise or a desert oasis for critters to enjoy.
Premium sliding metal top for increased durability,
Lockable front latch for permanent security, Designed for water bottles, wired accessories, Top seller with premium lid features. More reptile and small animal fanciers choose Critter Cage, thanks to bonus features in the top frame that add strength, ease access and improve safety. The top is escape-resistant mesh, framed in a strong self-aligning frame that opens and closes with a smooth slide every time. A safety catch closes with a positive snap. Extra security is added through the built-in lockable latch. Pet comfort and health is assured by a recessed hanging space for water bottles, plus wiring ports to neatly channel heater cords.