Calcium is vital for muscle and bone growth and to boost metabolism, particularly in young reptiles. Adding calcium to their diet is part of your job as a keeper!
Proper calcium to phosphorous ratios should also be taken into account. Too much phosphorous in an animal’s diet will remove the vital calcium in its system! This is why although we stress "leafy greens" in your herbivores diets, we advise staying away from spinach and other phosphorous rich foods as they negate the calcium,  UVB, Vitamin D3 calcium needed combination.

If you don't follow this, a disease known as hypo-calcemia develops , the signs of which are muscle spasms and lethargy. If left unchecked hypo-calcemia will progress to metabolic bone disease where reptile bones become "rubbery " and soft.

Reptiles regulate their temperature in the wild by their exposure to the sun; knowing when to bask in it and when to hide from it. They obtain heat, which raises their body temperature allowing proper digestion. The sun's UVB rays offer Vitamin D3, which is critical in calcium absorption. UVB amounts needed varies by species, desert vs tropical vs woodland but ALL species need their calcium.   

Indoor reptiles need an artificial source of "sunlight" to obtain heat and a level of UVB rays to maintain calcium in their bloodstream.


So follow these steps... Proper heat, UVB at appropriate levels, Vitamin D3 and CALCIUM. They are all 3 essential items in your keeper’s tool kit! 

Order Calcium today and sprinkle freely on all reptile meals.