Goliath Worms

Goliath Worms a.k.a Tomato Hornworms

A favorite treat of just about any insectivorous animal! Great for "fattening" up for underweight animals, and chock full of water to hydrate at the same time! 

(Should not be fed as a "Staple" in your reptile's diet)


 -Live and visibly healthy arrival is only guaranteed when shipping temperatures at both ends are between 40° – 89°F for home delivery and 26F° – 99F° for having the order held at the facility for pick up. 

-If your package is delayed or mishandled by the carrier, all guarantees are void. We will open a case with the carrier and if we are reimbursed, we will refund your order.

-Live feeders are only shipped Monday through Thursday to avoid and delays over the weekend.

- Someone must be home to receive the order, or guarantees are void