About Jungle Bob's Reptile World


Jungle Bob’s Reptile World is home to the Jungle Bob Brand of Reptile and Aquarium products. We are New York's biggest reptile only pet shops with
2 locations on Long Island in Selden and Oakdale.
We are a mecca for Reptile enthusiasts in the Northeast with
more then 100 animals are on display and an incredible selection of supplies!

Our stores are truly a destination you HAVE to visit to believe!!


 Snakes: ball pythons, corn snakes, king snakes, garter snakes, boa constrictors, sand boas, carpet pythons, milk snakes, rat snakes, pine snakes and more! Lizards: bearded dragons, leopard geckos, crested geckos, gargoyle geckos, house geckos, monitors, skinks, iguanas! Turtles and tortoises. Amazing Amphibians: Frogs, salamanders, newts, toads and axolotls!

 We carry frozen and live rodents, Crickets in five sizes, wax, meal, super, goliath, soldier fly larvae and earth worms, dubia and hissing roaches, hydei.

Brands include HerpCult, Mist King, Zoo Med, Zilla, Exo Terra, Flukers and more!  

We are proud to offer our very own brand products too. Be sure to check out the Jungle Bob Brand for your aquarium, terrarium or vivarium. Products have been designed and tested by our very talented staff of animal and fish keepers.

 We are well stocked with a diverse selection for your pet's habitat and vivarium needs including exotic hardwoods: mopani, java, drift wood, ghost wood, twisty vines, tree trunks, seed pods, cork bark, slate, designer rocks and river pebbles, sheet, mood, sphagnum, frog, and live pillow moss.

In addition to Jungle Bob, his 2 sons Tyler, Dylan and the entire staff have been keeping reptiles for decades. 

Stop in and check it out...you have to see it to believe it!

Happy Herping!


Jungle Bob's Reptile World
984 Middle Country Rd.
Selden, NY 11784


Jungle Bob's Reptile and Aquarium Supply
4130 Sunrise Highway
Oakdale, NY 11769

The COOLEST STORES in New York!!!