About Jungle Bob Enterprises, Inc.



Jungle Bob Enterprises is a unique lifestyle company that brings people closer to nature through our various company divisions. 

In 2008 Jungle Bob's Reptile World, opened as the Northeast’s largest reptile only pet store, that preaches responsible pet ownership and captive breeding.

The award winning Jungle Bob’s Reptile World, in Selden Long Island is New York's coolest and most unusual retail store sells some of the world’s most "unloved, unusual and unknown" animals; reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates. The showroom features mostly captive bred animals in naturalistic vivariums and aquariums replicating their natural habitats. We offer expert advice in how to maintain these animals in captivity and provide all the cage equipment, lighting, heating, decorations and food. 

Early in 2015 we expanded our operations to include our very own brand of products, the Jungle Bob Brand of quality reptile and aquarium products. Designed by Jungle Bob and his staff of reptile and aquarium gurus these products are the perfect back drop for creating “living art” in homes, offices hotels and restaurants. Standard and Custom sizes for several of the products are available and will delight reptile and aquarium hobbyists, breeders and pet store owners alike. And for re-sellers, they will become a staple in their aisles for years to come. 

We opened our 2nd retail location in Oakdale Long Island. Along with live animals, feeders and reptile supplies the Jungle Bob Brand is available for sale for both reptile and aquarium enthusiasts.

Jungle Bob's Wildlife Education division brings the wonders of nature to life through our interactive wildlife shows. Our OUTREACH programs to schools, camps, scouts, senior centers and libraries have been popular for twenty years, reaching tens of thousands of satisfied customers. 

Our Animal Encounter program is offered in our Selden store all year round providing one on one opportunities for customers and visitors to get up close and personal with all of the amazing animals (please check availability)

Jungle Bob Enterprises, is a “No Apps” needed zone. From the retail experience, to your home, office or in a hotel lobby live animals presented in their natural habitats truly provide an experience unmatched by any app.

Let the wonders of nature come alive for you! Stop by Jungle Bob’s Reptile World or give us a call and we will help you to enjoy ‘living art’ every day every season.