At Jungle Bob's, we believe in responsible pet ownership.
Be sure you have all the supplies and knowledge you need to properly care for your pet. 
Our expert staff is happy to assist you however we can. Following are some of the services we offer. Charges apply.

Going away on vacation? No worries! Leave your reptile with us. Best to call for reservations. 

Nails need trimming? No problem! There is always someone here that can do that for you, but it's always best to call to give us a heads up!

UVB Testing
Bring us your bulbs! We will test them for you!

Although your UVB bulbs will continue to function they should be replaced every 6 months to 1 year.  The UVB output of the bulb is depleted as the coating wears off over time. 

Want to know the gender of your reptile?  Please call ahead to be sure one of our experienced staff will be available

Feeding Assistance
Whether your time is short or you are having trouble feeding your reptile we will assist you. Please call ahead to schedule a time.


Not sure how to care for your reptile? Spend 1 hour, by appointment only for a hands on review on all your need to know to provide the best care and environment for your reptile.


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