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Baby Bearded Dragon Starter Kit for 20 Gallon Long (TANK NOT INCLUDED)

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Providing the right environment for your bearded dragon is essential to ensure a healthy happy pet. After decades trying everything on the market, we made this kit with everything you need to properly raise your new baby bearded dragon! Perfect for those who already have a tank on hand, plan to build your own or need to purchase one locally (unfortunately we can't ship glass tanks due to weight and breakage, though they are always available for pickup at our Selden and Oakdale locations here in NY!). Designed for a standard 20 gallon long tank 30"x 12"x 12" with metal screen top. Will also work with similar sized terrariums of close to the same height/length. 


- A double lamp housing with 75W basking and 10.0 UVB bulbs to provide the proper temperatures and access to ultraviolet light

- Safe, non-ingestible carpet liner to avoid substrate ingestion/impaction and to make for easy cleaning

- Climbing rock to provide a basking site, stimulation to climb and naturally wear down those ever-growing nails

- Calcium and multivitamin supplement powder to ensure a complete diet

- Small water bowl for drinking

- Secure food dish for worms or small dubia roaches as well as greens/other diets

- Digital LCD Thermometer for temperature monitoring

- Spray bottle for misting (very important to keep young dragons hydrated!)

- Sample pack of bearded dragon commercial diet/"bites"

- Our recommended diet sheet and basic care info. Including our email address in case you have any care questions!

** Exact SKUS/brands in kit may vary. But will always be the correct item and style of a brand we know from experience to be excellent!