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Jungle Bob - Desert Glow UVA/UVB Bulb - 13W UVB Compact Fluorescent Light - for Desert Reptiles & Tortoises - Stimulates Natural Behaviors - Replicates Sunlight - Lamp for Terrariums

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The Desert Glow UVA/UVB bulb provides output similar to sunlight in the desert for animals such as bearded dragons, uromastyx, and desert tortoises. Great for turtles too! They all need the type of light provided in this bulb to maintain optimum health. Desert Glow stimulates appetites while increasing activity levels and reproductive behaviors. Regular use will prevent metabolic bone disease. When the sun is not an option to your captive reptiles, Jungle Bobs Desert Glow in the answer!

  • UVB CF BULB: Ideal for bearded dragons, uromastyx, and desert tortoises! Our compact flourescent UVA/UVB Desert Glow spot lamp 13W bulb for terrariums replicates sunlight to help stimulate natural behaviors and help maintain optimum health.
  • POWERFUL LAMP: Superior UVB output! This 10.0 UVB CF bulb matches that of the sun to encourage high vitamin D3 conversion and optimize calcium metabolism for desert reptiles in captivity. Most effective within 18" of animal.
  • REPTILE HEALTH: Replicates the benefits of natural sunlight! Our Desert Glow UVB bulb for desert animals promotes increased appetite, reproductive behaviors, higher activity levels, shell health in turtles and tortoises, and more.
  • VERSATILE LIGHT: Made to the highest standards, ensuring peak performance at a greater value! Our UVB CF bulbs offer an economical desert terrarium lighting solution without compromising on quality, making them a practical choice for any habitat.
  • JUNGLE BOB'S: New York's largest reptile supply store! We offer a wide variety of high-quality reptile care supplies for all reptile lovers, from terrariums to heat lamps, hides, feeders, and much more. Trust us to provide the best products for your beloved reptiles.
  • Prevents or reverses metabolic bone disease
  • Optimum UVB for calcium metabolism
  • High Vitamin D3 conversion
  • Maintains shell health in turtles and tortoises
  • 10.0 UVB CF bulb
  • 13W

SKU: 11594

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