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Mist King v5.0 Starter Misting System

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Mist King v5.0 Starter Misting System


Starter Misting System - 5th generation


It is basic in its design to act as a starting point for customization or to be used on a small scale the way it is. This system is based on a robust pump with our latest timer providing exceptional and reliable performance. It can easily run 1 nozzle or can be upgraded to as many as 10. If you're planning to run more than 10 be sure to upgrade the pump or order the Ultimate or Advanced Misting Systems.

Starter misting system comes with a default ST-24 timer, but can be controlled  by either a repeat cycle timer or the hygrostat.  You can select the controller on the right that best suits your needs.  

- 24V DC misting pump, capable of running up to 10 nozzles. Pump is very robust and can run dry!!! This pump has been extensively tested for a long time in the field and in the factory and by us personally. It has extremely low failure rates and it simply WORKS! . Pump is adapted for 1/4" tubing and includes vibration dampening rubber feet.
- Pump power adapter. (cUL listed)
- 1 Value L misting assembly. Assembly is tested and it includes our super low flow check-valved spray tip, custom crafted in black with an average droplets size of ~50 microns. Check-valved tips greatly reduces the post mist drip. These nozzles can be adjusted and positioned in any direction. Can be securely fastened to any surface up to 0.625" (5/8") or 1.5 cm thick. This misting assembly is patented at USPTO.
- Reservoir bulkhead with o-ring and plug.
- 15 feet of 1/4" black opaque tubing
- New Digital Seconds Timer ST-24 with improved electronics.
- Reservoir filter
- 5 tubing clips with screws
- Reference manual

SKU MKSMS5-125-50
Weight 4.90 lbs
Bar Code 810642000593