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Repashy Superfoods Insect & Invertebrate Formulas

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$ 9.99
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  • Complete Feeder Insect Diet
  • Gel Premix for Crickets, Roaches and other insects
  • Three ounces of powder makes 1.25 pounds of finished gel feed
  • This feeds while also hydrating
  • Calcium fortified
  • Gut-loading formula increases nutritional value of insects
  • Contains high levels of Calcium and minerals as well as Vitamins and Carotenoids
  • Can be fed as a gel, paste or powder
  • Hornworm Gutload Diet gel premix
  • High Calcium, Vitamin fortified, Antibiotic-Free
  • Maximizes the nutritional value of Manduca Sexta Larvae as feeders
  • Xylivore Gel Premix
  • Calcium fortified, super firm and long lasting
  • Formula for Isopods, Springtails and other detritus feeding insects
  • Detritivore Gel Premix