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One of the most common issues our customers have surrounding young bearded dragons is “they won’t eat their greens!” As you can see…it is possible!

The key to making Beardies excited for their greens (like the ~2month old babies here) is to limit the portions of insects you give them. A young lizard’s stomach is only so big, so when they’re pigging out on roaches or larvae, they fill up quick and therefore have no room for veggies!

Sure it’s enjoyable to watch them scarf down bug after bug, but they need a good balance of both in their diet. For babies this size, 5-10 small roaches (or BSFL, or 1/4” crickets) is a fine daily portion. This will satisfy them but not “stuff” them. If you’ve been giving a lot more than that, you can skip a day or even 2 (sometimes more) and only offer veggies. This does the trick almost every time!

Hope that helps some of you out!

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