Cricket Stuff

For decades the staple food items for insectivores has been the Common House Cricket (Acheta domesticus). Their jumpy movements make them irresistible to herps of all kinds.

Be sure to dust them with a fine CALCIUM when served! and a quality vitamin once in awhile  but before they meet their fate, here are a variety of  items to keep them alive, well fed and nutritious.

Feeding or "gut loading" is a must ! as the hard chitinous exo skeleton of a cricket has little nutritional value on its own. 

At Jungle Bobs Reptile World we offer food to our crickets 24x7 so they are plump and their stomachs are full of good food when they meet your reptile, amphibian or invertebrate.  They will pass on the food in their gut to your happy herp when ingested. 

So Be sure to stock up on "cricket stuff" as your herps are what they eat!