Basking Spots

We've all seen pics of a lizard stretched out on a flat rock in the desert or a turtle balancing on a tree stump at the edge of a pond.

Why are they hanging out? They are BASKING in the sun.
Reptiles are exotherms, meaning they need the sun to raise their body temperatures and what better way than basking!! 

 Mammals like humans are endothermic, creating our own internal heat source and "bask" in the sun only to look good to others of our species..

So many reptiles take advantage of the suns rays to BASK which also allows them to absorb UVB rays and the vitamin D3 helps them absorb much needed calcium
Reptile in captivity are prone to basking as well and this section offers a variety of cage furnishings so your herp can happily and safely bask under their UVB and or heat lights.