Reptiles, Amphibians and Invertebrates OH MY!

Reptile amphibians and invertebrates are cool.

 After many decades of keeping these unusual animals listed above as "pets" I sometimes find it hard to believe when friends, relatives and acquaintances don't quite understand that my bearded "Dragon" doesn't blow fire!? (p.s. bearded dragons btw are the number one pet lizard in America and an increasingly recognizable lizard breed to most...more about them next time)

Although reptiles still bring up the rear according to pet industry sales figures compared to dogs, cats, birds and fish, they are the up and coming pet of choice to millions of Americans with steady annual growth and in a 60+ billion dollar annual market, even a small sliver is a nice chunk of change. 

 Yes...the reptile nation is growing. Many years ago people who had AQUAriums (housing high maintenance fish) turned to TERRariums (housing low maintenance snakes, lizards) which then evolved to VIVARiums, which are stylish, come in a variety of natural habitats; desert, temperate or rain forest, the latter showcasing live plants, waterfalls and tropical frogs in their natural settings. A little piece of the Amazon, while not destroying it anyone? Cool for sure in any home or office.

I for one had the bug for these cold blooded wonders from the moment I laid eyes on them all those years ago, but most folks are meeting them for the first time. Once the unfounded fear subsides, many of them realize what a low maintenance and COOL pet they are to have! Although their reputations are often smeared in literature and history, we keepers find them amazing ! Many species have wonderful dispositions, beautiful colors and a different way of moving, eating and living, that makes them interesting companion animals. ( plus you don't have to walk them in a blizzard)

I said once that if one of those higher end Sharper Image type stores ever sold them at malls, like they do those biosphere orbs (yawn) Reptiles would be staples in many many more households. Right now most people don't know they want one yet!!

Are you ready?  maybe  just curious? Check it out, embrace nature, I promise it is not a trip to the dark side.......

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