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Store Update

Attention customers:
Our Selden store will remain open for regular business hours as long as we are legally allowed to be.

Oakdale store will be closed to the public until further notice,
but will still be shipping out orders

One of the things we enjoy most is handling the animals and showing/educating people about them, but for the time being, we strongly urge the people coming in “just to look” to stay home. It’s not a fun situation for anyone, but it’s the smart move. We will get back to normal as soon as possible.

Visit us at www.JungleBob.com. Online orders can be placed for “in store pickup” and we will also take phone orders, We will even bring your purchase out to your car if needed!

Let’s be smart, stay safe and healthy.

Jungle Bob, Tyler, Dylan, and the entire JBRW staff.

Wally and Coyote Peterson!

Check out Jabba, Azul, and Wally as they join Coyote Peterson on the Rachael Ray Show! #reptilesrule #junglebobs #reptiles #snakes #lizards #turtle #tortoise #amphibians #invertebrates #crickets #reptilepet

Jungle Bob Rocks the Village Connection Network

Jungle Bob Rocks the Village Connection Network

Jungle Bob and his live reptiles rock Village Connection Network in Huntington. Introducing lizards and snakes while dispelling the myths often associated with these very cool critters

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Greetings to Jungle Bob fans from Coyote Peterson

Special thanks to Coyote Peterson for this special greeting to our fans. We had a great time together while he was promoting his new book while on the Strahan, Sara and Keke show.

Sometime next year we hope to once again welcome Coyote to our sub-urban jungle on #LongIsland.
In the meantime #bebravestaywild

Take a listen to the greeting below....


Live with Coyote Peterson!

The Jungle Bob van rolled into Times Square bright and early yesterday morning for a great day with Coyote at the Strahan, Sara and Keke show on ABC TV. Jungle Bob and Tyler were on hand to handle the animals...

Pictured here is Bernice the Burmese! Also on hand, a monitor, toad and beautiful chameleon.

Check out the show....