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VISIT US! OPEN 7 days a week- 11am-6pm!
VISIT US! OPEN 7 days a week- 11am-6pm!

Dubia Stuff

In addition to Live and Canned Dubia Roaches we have specially designed Dubia Roach dishes, calcium and food to properly "gut load" your Dubias. Feeding or "gut loading" is a must to ensure your reptile is getting the highest quality food into them. Be sure to dust them with a fine CALCIUM when served! Also include a quality vitamin a few days a week. 

Dubias have a long life span, and are highly nutritious for your reptile. Dubia Roaches are an amazing feeder insect. 

We offer Live and Canned Dubia Roaches. Live Dubia Roaches are available in 4 sizes and are shipped them via Priority Mail or Fed Ex Two Day shipping. Canned Dubia Roaches are available in 3 sizes.

At Jungle Bobs Reptile World we offer food to our Dubia roaches 24/7 so they are plump and their stomachs are full of good food when they meet your reptile, amphibian or invertebrate.  They will pass on the food in their gut to your happy herp when ingested. 

Before they meet their fate, here are a variety of items to keep them alive, well fed and nutritious. Be sure to stock up on "Dubia Stuff" as your herps are what they eat! 

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