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Jungle Bob Lighting

Reptiles require specific conditions to thrive and remain healthy and comfortable. A critical element of a reptile’s environment is proper lighting and temperature.

Reptiles are indigenous to a variety of climates, from desert to jungle. You will need to choose the right lighting to provide your reptile pet the appropriate environment.

Jungle Bob brand offers a wide selection of reptile lighting choices to accommodate wattage and heat levels to suit your reptile’s needs at great prices.

Choose from our:

1) Our daytime light bulb, Jungle Bright is a regular incandescent bulb that has a coating on it called neodymium, providing full spectrum lighting and a great array of colors. If you need more heat during the day our White Hot spotlight will concentrate the heat to a basking spot in your reptile’s terrarium. Most reptiles will need 1 of these bulbs during the day but be sure to turn off at night

2) Our Night Vision bulb for those reptiles that are not active at night. These bulbs are red incandescent which put out infrared heat providing a little bit of heat and a red spectrum so you can see your reptile, but it cannot see you. Our Red Hot bulb puts the heat in a more concentrated spot, concentrating heat and light. Our Black as Night bulb is a black spectrum bulb whose light the animal will not see but you will be able to. This bulb provides nighttime heat and beautiful viewing of your nighttime animal.

3) Our Mercury Vapor UVB/UVA/Heat Lamp like all of our bulbs is manufactured to the highest standards in the market. Our Desert Sun bulb provides a long life and over 10% UVB is its claim to fame! Ideal for Bearded Dragons and assortment of desert reptiles. It is competitively priced and outperforms similar products on the market. If you love your Bearded Dragon get a 100W Desert Sun bulb from Jungle Bob!

4) Our Desert Glow bulb option puts off only a faint glow and heat.

Each product is different, so you’re sure to find the one that you need. Jungle Bob brand of lighting is also available for bulk purchasing/discount options and to ensure you never run out!

Whatever reptile you have, we have the right lighting. Browse our selection and order yours today.

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