Jungle Bob Reptile Heat Daytime Full Spectrum Neodymium Incandescent Light Bulb Jungle Bright

Jungle Bob Enterprises Inc.

$ 9.99 
SKU: 3214

Neodymium Incandescent Reptile Heat Bulb for daylight (light blue) heat

  • Full-Spectrum Neodymium Extended Life Day Blue Heat Lamp!
  • Coated with rare earth neodymium to enhance the colors of reptiles!
  • Provide purified light that simulates the natural photo environment of a reptile's habitat.
  • The heat radiating from these lamps simulates the sun, allowing them reptiles to bask in its warmth
  • Provides physiological well-being to your pet with beneficial emissions of UVA wavelengths!
  • Corrosion resistant premium brass base

Extended 5000 hour average user life

Available in 60W, 100W