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Black Plastic Terrarium Bundle Premium Medium

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    Medium Terrarium Bundle - with 10.25" x 7" x 4.5" Clear Plastic Terrarium Box, Small Rectangle Hide Box, Sphagnum Moss (0.4oz), Grabber (7.25"), & Round Corner Bowl - Reptile Habitat Kit

    • REPTILE CARE BUNDLE: The ultimate kit for a thriving reptile habitat! Our 5-piece reptile care package makes a great starter bundle for any new reptile owner. This Medium Terrarium kit includes one 10.25" x 7" x 4.5" black plastic terrarium box, a small hide box, a grabber for handling feeder insects, a round corner bowl, and a 0.4oz pack of sphagnum moss.
    • BLACK PLASTIC PET TERRARIUM: Ideal for reptiles, amphibians, and more! Our compact and stackable terrarium ensures your pet's comfort creating dark spaces to reduce stress and ventilated sides for airflow. Lightweight and easy to clean, it's the perfect portable habitat for your small creatures.
    • SMALL HIDE BOX: A haven for your pets! This 5.5" x 3.75" x 2.5" rectangular hide box creates a dark sanctuary, reducing stress and offering security to snakes and ground-dwelling geckos. Its sturdy design and effortless cleaning make it an essential addition to any terrarium setup.
    • SPHAGNUM MOSS: Elevate your reptile's habitat! This 0.4oz bag of sphagnum moss is perfect for creating a high-humidity chamber, crucial for healthy shedding, even for desert species. Just keep moss damp, place inside a cave, and let your reptiles enjoy its benefits.
    • GRABBER & ROUND CORNER BOWL: Essential tools for your habitat! With our 7.25" Grabber, handling feeder insects becomes a breeze, while the durable Round Corner Bowl, perfectly fit for our terrarium boxes, offers an easy-to-clean solution for hydration and feeding. This duo ensures effortless pet care and a happier habitat.