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VISIT US! OPEN 7 days a week- 11am-6pm!

Exo Terra Reptile Intense UVB 200 Bulb for Desert Reptiles

SKU PT2340
Original price $ 30.99 - Original price $ 33.99
Original price
$ 30.99
$ 30.99 - $ 33.99
Current price $ 30.99

These UVB bulbs are intended for animals with very high UV needs, which includes many desert reptiles. The bulb has a high vitamin D3 yield index, which assists in your animal's absorption of calcium. This bulb is great for taller terrariums, as it produces penetrative UVB. 

  • Designed for animals that need a great deal of UV
  • Assists in calcium absorption
  • Great for taller terrariums or terrariums with thick screens
  • Perfect for a variety of desert animals