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Jungle Bob HerpCult Terrarium Kit with 8x8x8 Acrylic Enclosure

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Jungle Bob HerpCult Terrarium Kit with 8x8x8 Acrylic Enclosure, Log Hide, Tropical Substrate, Sphagnum Moss, Tweezers, Resin Bowl, & Accent Leaf

  • TERRESTRIAL CRITTER CARE BUNDLE: The ultimate kit for a thriving habitat! Our 7-piece terrestrial care package makes a great starter bundle for any new reptile, tarantula, or invertebrate owner. This HerpCult Terrarium kit includes one medium clear acrylic enclosure (8x8x8"), an accent leaf, glow-in-the-dark tweezers for nighttime feeding, a white resin water bowl, log hide, 2qt bag of tropical substrate mix, and a 0.4oz pack of sphagnum moss.
  • HERPCULT ACRYLIC ENCLOSURE: Clear and compact habitat for your critters! This medium acrylic home suits small to mid-sized terrestrial arachnids, tarantulas, invertebrates, millipedes, and beetles. With optimal ventilation from holes on both sides and the lid's rim, it helps maintain airflow and ideal humidity levels. The secure sliding magnetic lid ensures easy access, while its stackable design optimizes space. Durable and easy to clean, it's the perfect viewing habitat for your pets.
  • CORNER LOG HIDE: Expertly crafted for your terrarium! Designed to fit into any corner, our small hide provides a secure refuge, alleviating stress and enhancing the natural look of your pet's environment with its realistic wood appearance. Made of durable resin, it's a captivating and practical addition to terrestrial habitats.
  • SPHAGNUM MOSS & TROPICAL SUBSTRATE: Create a natural haven with our Sphagnum Moss (0.4oz) and Tropical Substrate mix (2qt), combining Red Cypress Mulch, Sphagnum Peat Moss, and Coconut Fiber. Perfect for all critters, these ensure healthy shedding and encourage nesting. Safe, non-toxic, and easy to maintain, keep it damp and watch your pets flourish in a bio-active terrarium environment.
  • PREMIUM FEEDING ACCESSORIES: Essential tools for your habitat! With our 7.25" pet-safe Glow In The Dark Tweezers, feeding your nocturnal pals is a breeze, while the deep premium resin bowl, designed to provide pets a stable source of water, offers a visually appealing solution for hydration and feeding. This duo ensures effortless nighttime pet care and a happier habitat.