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YKL30B HerpCult Acrylic reptile enclosure Large Tall Clear Top 8" x 8" x 12"

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The YKL30B HerpCult Acrylic Reptile Enclosure is designed to house smaller to mid-sized critters that are arboreal or like to burrow deep. Some examples include tree geckos, amphibians, arachnids, invertebrates, beetles, roaches, millipedes, trap door spiders, praying mantis and so much more. Extremely popular size for arboreal tarantula and crested gecko lovers! Constructed from durable acrylic, the fully transparent enclosure provides the perfect amount of ventilation. This model has small ventilation holes along two sides and another two rows around the rim of the lid, ensuring ideal airflow and humidity levels for your pet. A heat pad can be used on this terrarium if needed. This stackable enclosure features a sliding magnetic lid for maximum security and easy access. Cleanup is quick and easy too—simply wipe with water and a soft cloth or polishing pad.

HerpCult terrariums come in a wide variety of sizes for any creature, catering to small and medium sized invertebrates, amphibians and reptiles!

  • High-grade acrylic material provides a durable home for your pets or insects
  • Ventilation holes on both sides of the terrarium ensures a constant airflow
  • Secure closure with strong magnetic snaps for security and easy access
  • Clear design with full transparency to see through
  • A reptile heat pad can be used on this terrarium
  • Safely stacks to save space
Sku: YKL30B
Dimensions: 8"x 8" x 12"