Zilla Mini Halogen Fixture


$ 21.99 
SKU: 15629

The Zilla Halogen Mini Dome provides a convenient alternative to regular domes and are more . Smaller in size, it takes up less space on a terrarium top but still packs a powerful, focused heat and light punch. Each fixture comes with a reflective aluminum interior, spring mounting clip to keep the dome locked in place and a 6ft. power cord with on/off switch. 
Mini Halogen Bulbs are available for the Halogen Mini Dome in Day White, Day Blue and Night Red.   
  • Up to 250% more efficient than standard 8.5 Incandescent
  • Compact: less than 4.375"
  • Over 1,000 hours of lighting compared to 500 hours of incandescent lighting(industry average)
  • Focused, intense heat with mirrored reflector